Guy Roland

Director and co-kingpin

I’m doing something I love. I love the challenges. I love the creativity. I embrace the challenges that come along with it. I’ve seen the effect that the right work can have on people. I love seeing those results.

Guy Roland

Guy Roland has been developing his cinematic eye for 25 years. Think that shot is impossible? Guy doesn’t. With a background in fine art, sculpture and experimental film, Guy’s unique ability push boundaries led him to develop the now popular hyperlapse technique. His third film using the method, Spacer, made its rounds to 80 film festivals worldwide before landing with the NFB.

Guy pursued a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in drawing and sculpture from the Alberta College of Art and Design before attending Concordia, where he sought a BFA in Film Production.

Guy worked as an assistant director in Vancouver before becoming a set decorator where, for 15 years, he worked on major feature films such as Tron, I Robot, Conan the Barbarian, Pathfinder, Night at the Museum and Freddie vs. Jason. Guy is credited as the production designer of two award-winning films: Lawrence and Holloman and Exeter, by veteran director Marcus Nispel.

Now, with the ability to create hard-hitting, cinematic shorts for clients, Guy intends to push NBD’s directorial vision to new heights. “I’ve always said it’s not how many projects you start, it’s how many you finish. I know how to take them all the way to the finish,” he says.