Louvens Rémy


I believe in tapping into emotion, whether it’s through how the camera speaks or how the lighting speaks or how the music speaks. If you can combine all those elements, well, you’ve got yourself the derivation of a great story.

Louvens Rémy

The minute the lights came up and the score from Bernard Hermann’s Taxi Driver came on, Louvens Rémy – or Lou, as they call him – was hooked. To him, it was like making a dream into a reality. In the midst of pursuing a multi-disciplinary degree in political science and film theory, Lou understood what he had to do next: enrol into Capilano University and dive into film production. He has never looked back since.

Lou has held many roles in his nine-year career, including editor, camera operator, director and now producer. His first one-man film, Food for Thought, was showcased at the Montréal Film Festival and the Calgary International Film Festival. Most recently, he and Guy Roland premiered their latest film, Round 10, at the Shadow Box Film Festival in New York. He’s worked with diverse clients such as Chevrolet, Knowledge Network, Red Bull, Metro Vancouver and Lights in the Attic Records.

He hopes to push the envelop with NBD. “We look past the cookie cutter and, with the clients we take on, are able be more cinematic. It’s about story to me. You have to be able to tell stories in order to attract people,” he says.